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[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Reliable Answers to Our Most
Common Questions

We can save you money on soap, water, heating and electricity. So you can enjoy even more of the things you love. Our prices are simple and affordable.
How can i place my order?

You need to login on, thereafter fill your credentials and then add the type of clothes, you want to be dry-cleaned. For more information, feel free to contact us

Is there any minimum amount to avail free pick up & delivery services?

Yes, your cart value should be a minimum of Rs.500 to avail your free pick up & delivery services.

Is rescheduling a pickup or delivery possible?

Yes, we offer you the flexibility to reschedule your order; however, you should inform us at least 2 hours prior to your delivery or pickup time.

What happens in case I miss a pickup or delivery?

No problem, we understand the difficulties of modern life-style. We will call you and reschedule your order for another day.

What are the payment options available?

We offer you both online and offline modes of payment. Offline payment which includes cash, can be done at the time of delivery. While online payment can be done through Net Banking, Card Payment, UPI (Bhim, GooglePay, Whatsapp, Paytm, OnPay) and wallet (Freecharge and payzapp).

What if I left some valuables in the clothes? Is there a chance to get them back?

We recommend that you check your wearable properly before handling them to the pick-up person. However, in case you left some valuables along with the clothes, then contact us ASAP. Though we do not guarantee that your valuables will be safe but we will try our best to assist you in such cases.

Which areas do you cater for?

Presently, we offer dry cleaning and laundry services to Dwarka and nearby places. But we are pretty ambitious group and are eager to expand our services to other regions of Delhi and even to the Delhi NCR.

What are the services offered by you?

Visit our services page to get the brief of the services offered by us.

How long will it take to get my laundry back?

Dry cleaning usually takes 4-5 days after the day of pick-up. In case you need your clothes returned earlier you can contact us, we will try to get your order done at the earliest. However additional charges may be applicable for express order.

Do you take clothes for ironing only?

Yes we offer steam ironing services.

Do you take clothes for laundry only?

We offer premium laundry service that includes Washing, Ironing & Packing of individual garment.

What should I do, if some of my clothes are missing?

We are very professional when it comes to your clothes and ensures that this doesn’t happen. We do recounting of your clothes after every stage and even process your order separately. In case, you find your garments are missing, please notify us at the earliest so that we can track and return them sooner. Even after that if we cannot find your garment we will try to compensate you after ascertaining the facts. Do check our terms & condition for reimbursement in case of loss or damage.

What should I do, if I found a damaged garment after the service?

After ascertaining that your garment was damaged during our service, we will have it repaired at no extra cost. If we are unable to do so, then we will compensate for the loss. However, Fabspin does not take any responsibility for any pre-existing wear and tear or discolouration that may occur naturally during the process of dry cleaning or washing. Fabspin does not hold its responsibility for the staining that may occur as a result of your clothes bleeding/running colour. Do check our terms & conditions for details of reimbursement in case of loss or damage.

What are the terms of Return/Refund Policy?

Go through our terms & conditions.

Why do women’s blouses cost more than men’s shirt?
We aim to collect your clothes, clean them to a professional standard and get them back to you all within 48 hours. If you’d prefer we went a little slower then that’s not a problem – just let us know when you want your clothes back.